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Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

You might need sunglasses to look at this one.

There's been an explosion of colour across Stockland Shopping centres, including shocks to the senses like a Tasting Station and Scratch n' Sniff wall.


This adventurous activation is aimed at children (and kid-ults) of all ages, to draw them to the centre outside of school holidays. This fabulous pop-up saw a shorted time frame to promote, but the creation station and colour hub had no problems getting bodies through the doors.

The Creation station brought families together every day to create art, draw in 3D, design a delicious donut creation at lunch and have mini makeovers in the afternoon, giving visitors to the centre a fun interactive free day out. 

The Colour Hub with its bright colours and high walls created intrigue and interest as to what was inside with both children and adults loving the sensory experience.

Just under 700 participants directly engaged with the Creation Station programming and its elements. What a win!

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