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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As the leaders in awesome, we here at The Place Agency are always finding the latest and greatest; this month, we think Project Manager Jack Curnow has nailed the brief.

Ever thought about using rope as a cheap way to create an installation? Award winning

architecture and design studio Hou de Sousa did. Their instillation ‘Ziggy’, winner of the NY 'Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Competition', is a structure made of painted rebar’ and over 27,000 feet of iridescent cord. 

We love this idea because it shows just how effective affordable and straightforward products- such as cord- can be. Instillations with modular form like this one are easily moved in sections, fantastic for short-term installations.

Check out some more examples here including our very own project ‘Lights On, Lights

Off’, Copenhagen project The Rope Show’ and ‘String Flingby The Foundry Equation.

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