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Activation 'Play Books'

Successful activation creates places that are buzzing with people, where the community has a strong sense of identity and pride and where local businesses are thriving.​ An Activation Play Book is a framework and action plan for achieving this outcome. It will enable you to transition your place from where it currently is to where it needs to be in order to attract people and investment. 

With an Activation Play Book in place, you can:

—Establish the place identity

–Enhance marketing and PR

—Build trust and support

—Improve community well-being

—Improve retail performance 

—Minimise disruption

—Lay the foundations for future success

Retail Blueprints

A compelling retail mix with authentic operators that live the place vision is our goal for every precinct we work on.  To do this we create comprehensive  blueprints for identifying and attracting great operators. With extensive experience working with asset owners and local governments, we know how to fix difficult retail precincts and breathe new life into iconic locations.  

Our retail expertise includes:

—High street activation 

—Proponent identification

–Tenancy configuration

–Consumer analysis

–Precinct analysis

—Tenant support

—Marketing and PR


Our custom mobile application - PlaceMe - serves as the central hub for information, communications and booking options for tenants in a building. Through this app tenants can access a range of services and features


—Building/level access

—Meeting room bookings

—Retail promotions

—Event calendars and ticketing

—Staff directory and messaging

—Dry cleaning services

—Travel bookings

—Bicycle service/repair

—Food delivery

—Car detailing

—Amazon lockers

—Massage & wellness 


We facilitate commercially rewarding partnerships that bring our extensive network of brands, service businesses and hospitality operators into your precinct. These revenue opportunities enable you to offset the cost of programming and to enhance the place experience through high-profile experiences, new amenity and brand alignments.

Our partnership opportunities include:


—Paid brand pop-ups and activations

—Paid events and experiences

—Event and program sponsorship 

—Commercial venue management

—Convenience services

—Digital content

Visioning, Modelling
& Place Governance

For activation to be successful in your precinct, three foundational components are required: a bold and directional place vision, a robust management and business model and a governance framework that  delineates roles and responsibilities, and establishes an ongoing evaluation and reporting process. With these in place we are able to objectively measure our ROI and track our success.

We'll set your precinct up for success with: 

—A shared place vision and place manifesto

—A group of foundational place pillars

—A place management model 

—An activation business model

—An objective evaluation framework 

—A governance and reporting structure

Place Insights

We have an uncommon fascination with places, let us loose and we'll come back with captivating insights that will greatly improve your decision-making. Beyond stakeholder and partner consultation we design and run compelling community participation activities, place prototype and research initiatives that generate powerful ideas to support the development of new places. 

Our research methods include:

—Community consultation

—Longitudinal place analysis

—Stakeholder mapping

—Stakeholder interviews

—Place audits 

—Intercept surveys

—Focus groups

—Creative communication pieces

–Place prototypes


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